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Electrical Services

Pot lights installation

NLD Canada installs beautiful, energy-efficient recessed lighting in a day. What’s more, our process eliminates the frustrations homeowners typically experience when having improvements like recessed lighting made to their home. Our professionals are knowledgeable, courteous, and will arrive at your home in a timely manner. They will also provide samples of the lighting fixtures and dimmers that we offer and install for our customers.

Upgrade electrical panels

The electrical panel ensures that you are able to use electricity in a safe, effective and efficient way. The technology has evolved over the years, and that means it’s important to have the latest in electrical panels in order to protect your home. This is especially true for homes still using old fuse boxes. Our electricians can help.

Gas Generators installation

Under certain circumstances, electric power outage sometimes happens especially in extreme weather conditions. Our electricians understand this situation, which is why we always recommend that homes especially in areas where snowfall is great, should have gas generators to back up electric supply in difficult situations. That being said, we provide professional services in installing gas generators for your comfort and convenience.

Wiring installations

Faulty wiring and electrical installations poses great risk as it is one of the leading causes of fire. With the value of your home and the things inside and your life most essentially, you cannot put everything at stake with a simple wiring mistake and electrical installation error. That is why you must make sure that you only hire the most reputable electrical contractors in the area to ensure maximum home safety and security. We are here to provide the right electric setup and accurate wiring installations for your home.

Switches & Outlets installation

Since replacing outlets correctly relies on making new connections, these may be done poorly or wrongly. More than one electrical item may fail to work as a result of a single mistake. An easy goof comes when replacing a plug-in receptacle, half of which has been controlled by a wall switch. Even if the upgrader is aware that the outlet has been switched in this way and duplicates the exact connections of the old one. Our licensed electricians not only know how to change out an old and outdated outlet, they know what type of wiring was used in the older home and how to troubleshoot problems.

Floor heating systems

Adding to our list of services, we also provide cost-effective floor heating systems services, which you can rely when extreme cold weather hit your place. Our premier under floor equipment can get your tiles, laminate, stone, and floating wood floors to be appropriately heated so it will be comfortable for you to walk around your house. In this regard, we can safely install floor heating systems to your house through our professional electrical technicians and engineers who are certified and well-trained.

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