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Formed in YEAR, NLD Canada – electrical contractor Toronto is a proven team of electrical technicians who are here to help. Our Toronto electricians experts work together as a team to deliver the most comprehensive, reliable experience possible time and time again. With over two decades of experience, professional knowledge and understanding of both modern and classic electrical operation, we have all the nous and knowledge you could require for any job.
Electrical work requires a certain kind of mind-set to ensure it works out just right. A poor electrical fitting can be not just inefficient, but dangerous. It’s why we work around the clock to help make more intelligent and reliable decisions on the job. Your livelihood, efficiency, quality of life and safety is decided majorly by the quality of your electrical fittings. For the guarantee of a safe, secure and professional electrical fitting, come and speak to us today!
We are more than happy to do the work needed alongside you to help make sure we deliver on the promised finished. With the aim of always exceeding expectation in consistency, quality, delivery and output, we’ll reduce the need for you to spend much, if any, time worrying about electrical issues afterward.
Since our formation, we’ve been happy to tackle even the largest projects. No matter the perceived difficulty or challenge, we’ll be happy to meet the problem head-on and deal with it without any issues.
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Electrical Services

At NLD Canada – electrical contractor Toronto, we know that its’ very important to deliver the right kind of finish. This is why we work around the clock to help make sure our services are diverse, flexible and fully modern. With a wide range of electrical services in Toronto provided, we can handle a wide range of issues and problems that you might be dealing with.
From dealing with electrical panel upgrades, gas generator installation, wiring upgrades and repair, outlet management and installation, floor heating and so much more. We know how hard it is to find an all-inclusive Toronto electrician, so we’ve hand-picked our team to make it much easier for our experts to stay on the right track!
From catering to businesses and homeowners in Toronto to assisting with comprehensive change and recovery of electrical fittings already installed, we remove much of the challenge involved with finding that next step moving forward.
Working with us, we can make sure you have all the help that you need waiting for you. if you would like to speak with us more about the services we can provide you, contact our Toronto electricians right away!


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